Friday, 15 March 2019

Optimal Radiation of Body-Implanted Capsules

Figure 3

Our paper “Optimal Radiation of Body-Implanted Capsules” has been just published in Physical Review Letters.

Short description: Efficient electromagnetic energy exchange between autonomous implants and external equipment is required to overcome existing constraints on powering, safety, and data transfer. These limitations prohibit us to realize wireless neural interfaces, implantable lab-on-a-chips, surgical microbots, and so on. We investigate the radiation of body-implanted capsules and obtain the explicit radiation optima for arbitrary sources. Established fundamental bounds exceed by far the efficiencies obtained by conventional designs. Based on the results, we synthesize the optimal source that outperforms the existing systems by a factor of five. It represents a fundamentally new capability enabling safe, power-efficient, and high throughput devices.

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